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Preparing public, private, and homeschooled students for the demands of college-level academics.

Summer Office Hours

June through August the office is closed for summer vacation. Tutoring is available by appointment only. Contact us for details.


History Options and Other Courses This Fall

Optional History for Literature Students

We have added an optional history component to each of the literature classes this fall. Each is a video course from Great Courses. The lectures are presented by college professors. We will watch and discuss the lectures. These courses will not include assessments and are free to any student enrolled in a literature class. These particular courses were selected to provide historical background and add depth to our literary discussions.

Introduction to Computer Science

Are you interested in programming, writing your own applications, and/or planning to go to college to study computer engineering or computer science? Try this introductory course.


Course Content: Learn about Linux, create your own simple programs in the C programming language, and learn the fundamentals of programming. If time permits, learn about modern application designs, focusing on web development.


Instructor: Dave Zimmelman, former homeschooler and graduate of UMass Lowell. Dave has a degree in computer science and has permission to use Computing 101 materials from one of his professors.


Requirement: Portable device to work from - laptop, tablet, or mobile phone


Cost: Free for students enrolled in 2015-2016 classes


Day/Time: To Be Determined by instructor and interested students

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