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As a public school teacher and homeschooling parent, I began teaching small groups of homeschooled high school students when my oldest child started high school in 2002. My daughter needed a peer discussion group, so I started a book club with several other homeschoolers and met at a local bookstore twice a month. Fifteen years and hundreds of books later, our little discussion group has transformed into college-prep classes with in-depth analysis of classic literature from around the world. While the literature we read comes from every major literary worldview, we critique each novel through a Christian theistic lens.


Joshua Tree Educational Services, LLC was founded in 2008 to provide college-prep classes for homeschooled high school students. Our objective is simple: We prepare students for the rigor of college-level work. We focus on developing the higher-level critical thinking skills of application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.


In addition to our homeschool classes, we tutor public, private, and homeschooled students of all levels in science, mathematics, English, and PSAT/SAT prep.


If you don't see what you're looking for, ask. We may be able to add it for you.


Gloria Harvell, Founder




Gloria has more than thirty years of experience in education. She founded Joshua Tree Educational Services to prepare students for the demands of college-level academics. Gloria has a BS in secondary education (physics and mathematics). She began her career in education as a public high school teacher in Ohio in 1984.


In 1994, Gloria began a fourteen year journey homeschooling her two children from kindergarten through high school. Her daughter was graduated from UNH with a bachelor's degree in social work and also from the University of Hawaii with a master's degree in social work. Her son was graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a BS in aerospace engineering.


Along the way, Gloria has become a respected expert in the homeschool community. She has taught high school college-prep and AP-level courses in physics, chemistry, biology, algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, debate, and American, British, and world literature and composition.


Gloria's wealth of experience and success have made her a valuable resource for those seeking advice and counsel on curriculum, PSAT/SAT preparation, transcript and portfolio preparation, and college admissions planning.


Gloria has completed 24 of 33 credits toward a Master of Education in curriculum and instruction with a concentration in literacy. She has been certified in secondary mathematics and physics in Alabama and Ohio. New Hampshire certification is pending.



Lyndsi joins our staff in 2013 as a writing, science, and SAT prep tutor. During her high school years, Lyndsi took several literature, math, and science courses with Mrs. Harvell. Upon graduation from homeschooling, Lyndsi spent two years at Gordon College where she studied philosophy and worked as a teaching assistant in the philosophy department grading papers and tutoring students. Lyndsi also took a semester long course on tutoring writing and completed an internship in order to work at the Gordon College Writing Center.


Lyndsi continued her undergraduate work at UNH where she studied medical laboratory science taking anatomy & physiology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, and hematology. In May 2013 Lyndsi was graduated Summa Cum Laude from Old Dominion University with a BS in professional writing focusing on grammar, linguistics, and composition. Several of her professors requested to use her papers as examples in future classes.


Lyndsi and her husband live in Malta, New York, where her husband is serving in the US Navy.



Kyle was graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a BS in aerospace engineering in 2012. For the 2012-2013 school year, he worked for WPI as a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science where he taught physics and speech & debate. From 2013-2015, he taught physics at Nashua High School North. After several years as the junior varsity coach, in 2013 Kyle took over as the head coach for the Nashua High School North varsity baseball program and was named coach of the year by the Nashua Telegraph. Kyle is currently employed by the Merrimack School District as a physics teacher and baseball coach. Kyle holds a NH certification in secondary physics. 


Kyle has worked as a math tutor at Seven Hills Charter Public School in Worcester, MA. He has been a math and science tutor and SAT prep coach with us since 2010. 


Homeschooled through high school, Kyle understands the homeschooled student's needs and has a firm grasp of the preparation needed to succeed in a demanding academic college environment.

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